Alpha trucks

Alpha skate trucks

It’s pure pleasure to catch a trick high and stomp it down over the bolts, or to lean into a hard carve while bombing a hill. But too often we end up tumbling on the ground in agony rather than riding away in victory. We all fall down. Most of the time it’s our fault, but too often it’s our skateboard’s fault.

A deficiency of skateboard trucks is wheelbite. This is when the wheels rub up against the deck and instantly stop rolling—sending us towards the ground. The only way to prevent wheelbite is to ride tight trucks, but the problem is tight trucks don’t really turn. We refused to accept this, so we created Alpha anti-wheelbite skate trucks. They look like ordinary trucks from afar, but closer inspection reveals two tiny set screws in the ring of the hanger that lock against the kingpin when wheelbite is about to happen. Because the set screws are on the sides of the kingpin, they don’t affect how loose or tight the trucks are. And for skaters who don’t have an issue with wheelbite, the set screws can simply be backed away from the kingpin.