Alpha Skate Co.

Erik Chmelar, heelflipAbout Alpha Skate Co.

Our goal at Alpha Skateboard Company is to provide awesome equipment for skaters. As a small grass-roots company, we focus on quality and innovation rather than hype and big-name sponsorships. We created Alpha trucks and the Alpha tool to eliminate some common annoyances that we as skaters face.

Anti-wheelbite trucks

It’s pure pleasure to catch a trick high and stomp it down over the bolts, or to lean into a hard carve while bombing a hill. But too often we end up tumbling on the ground in agony rather than riding away in victory. We all fall down. Most of the time it’s our fault, but too often it’s our skateboard’s fault—usually because of wheelbite. We refused to accept this, so we created Alpha anti-wheelbite skate trucks. They look like ordinary trucks from afar, but closer inspection reveals two tiny set screws in the ring of the hanger that lock against the kingpin when wheelbite is about to happen.

Alpha skate tool

Skateboarding is demanding on skaters and their equipment. Kingpins and mounting hardware need frequent adjustment. It’s easy enough to borrow Dad’s tools to set up a new board at home, but carrying a tool chest wherever you go isn’t practical. Even worse are all those flimsy plastic or pot-metal skate tools that last about as long as a candy bar. We were simply fed up always searching for a decent set of tools during a skate session, so we created the super strong and compact Alpha skate tool. It’s about the size of a roll of quarters, yet has all the tools needed to setup or adjust a skateboard. And because it’s made of hardened chrome vanadium tool steel, it’ll probably end up being passed to your grand kids—unless it gets stolen first (beware of people who gravitate towards shiny objects!).

For resalers

Alpha products are sold across the globe. Please contact us via email, phone, or online for information about carrying Alpha tools and trucks in your skate shop or distribution catalog.